7 Great Photo Sites for Your Blog

This is a guest post written by Melanie Slaugh.

Melanie Slaugh is enthusiastic about the growing prospects and opportunities of various industries and writing articles on various consumer goods and services as a freelance writer. She writes extensively for internet service providers and also topics related to internet service providers in her area for presenting to consumers, the information they need to choose the right Internet package for them. She can be reached at slaugh.slaugh907 @ gmail.com

Finding photo content for your blog that is legal to use can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. Not that painful, of course, but equally frustrating. The various licenses, individual author requirements and the (usually) poor quality of pictures available means that you’re likely better off paying for stock photos than use any random image off the Internet.

Don’t get lost in a mishmash of legal obligations. Here are seven websites that offer photos for you to use, most of them free of charge, and all of them perfectly legal. Just pay attention to the citation rules of each site and you’ll get along fine.

Morgue File

Stock Photos

Weird name aside, this site is fun to use and offers a great selection of amateur photography. What exactly is a morgue file, though? Well, this site defines it as, “a morgue file is a place to keep post production materials for use of reference, an inactive job file”. The photos are usually of good quality and interesting dynamics. Check out the front page for featured photos that really stand out.

Public Domain Photos

Public Domain Photos has over 5,000 free photos and 8,000 free clipart usable by businesses and individuals alike. Anything you are looking for, public domain wise, you can find on this site. They may not be the most exciting of photos, but sometimes you just need something simple for you blog post.


This website is easy to navigate and has photos separated into different categories on the first page. It also has a search tab if you are looking for something specific, as well as high resolution pictures (1600 x 1200 or 3072 x 2048). A great site for photos that need to be large or very, very clear.

Free Digital Photos

This website groups its photos into two different categories – you can download good quality stock photos for free, but for their highest quality photos there is a charge. I love the way they separate the photos. It makes it so easy to search, though be aware these are stock photos, and most look like it.


The photos here are license-specific, so you have to be sure to check the licensing terms before downloading them. You also are able to rate, tag, collect, and comment on their photos. Like number four, these are stock photos. That means a lot of white backgrounds and grinning people. This site may not fit every blog, but once in a while stock photos are just what you need.


Stock Photos

StockVault has 27,000 free images to choose from and download. They define themselves as, “Stockvault’s sole purpose is to collect and archive medium and high resolution photographs that designers and students can share and use for their personal and non-commercial design work”. Much more than just stock here, these photos are create and eclectic.


Stock Photos

OpenPhoto is another website that has all of their categories separated by easy to use buttons on the front page of their website. With a Craigslist feeling, this site makes sense in a lot of ways, notably the navigation. Don’t expect a lot of flair here, but do expect to find just what you are looking for.

Finding photos for your blog doesn’t have to be a struggle. Check out a couple of these websites and see which one fits your needs best. Don’t forget, the picture doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Take a chance and have fun with your photos.

What Is Browser Hijacking And How To Recover From It

Browser hijacking is one of the most annoying problems that an Internet user can face. When you open your Internet browser to read the news – porn shows up. You try to check your email – porn shows up. You try to access Facebook – porn shows up. Browser hijacking software is very aggressive advertising software; it is downloaded to the user’s computer system when a website that contains malicious software is accessed.

This kind of software can alter the browser’s homepage address, so that when the user clicks on the homepage icon, he is redirected to another website. It prevents navigation to anti-spyware and other security sites, and slows down system operations as well.

If you are bombarded with endless popup windows and suspect that your browser has been hijacked, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click on Task Manager, then select the Processes tab. If you’re using Internet Explorer, click on iexplore.exe and then hit the End Process button.

To prevent further popups, click on the Tools and select Internet Options. After that, go to the Privacy tab and tick on the box underneath “Pop-up Blocker”.

If there is still a problem, then you need to scan your computer in safe mode. Restart your computer, and press the F8 key repeatedly when the system starts up with a display screen. The Windows boot menu will come up. Select Safe Mode and hit Enter.

Once Windows has started in safe mode, open Microsoft Security Essentials (you should have this installed already), and run a full scan. It is useful for detecting and removing most malicious software on your computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials

You can also use multiple antivirus/spyware remover programs – one at a time – to identify and delete any remaining malicious software. Some useful ones include Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Ad-Aware Free Internet Security. Make sure to restart your computer in normal mode when you’re done, and scan it again to ensure that there is no malware left.

Should all those methods above fail, open the Start menu and type in ‘regedit’. In the registry editor, press Ctrl+F and type in the URL of the website that you are redirected to by the browser hijacker. If you find any entry, delete it and press F3 to continue searching. After deleting all similar entries, empty the recycle bin and restart the computer.

Don’t forget to update your antivirus regularly after this and never open or visit links online that you don’t trust.

This is a guest post by Dickey. Dickey is a software engineer and the owner of System Tool. He shares useful Windows applications and also Malware Removal Guides through his website.

Ninja Recommendation – Professional Hosting For Your Blog

One of the best things about the Internet is the ability it gives us to express ourselves.

Whether through Facebook, Twitter, or even simply staying in touch with friends over email, we use the Internet to say what we have to say to whomever will listen, and whenever we want. These days, more and more people seem to be taking this level of expression a small step further, and starting blogs.

For anyone not familiar with the concept or process of blogging, websites such as Blogger or WordPress basically allow you to write your own personal column online. Of course, people find all sorts of ways to use these columns, for updating their friends and families on their lives, discussing specific topics, or even simply venting or reflecting at the end of each day, as if writing a diary. For those who wish to get even more out of their blogs, however, WordPress blog hosting could well be an attractive option.

If you have ever tried to start your own website, you know that in order to do it correctly and professionally, you need to go through a hosting company; and, while many people find simple blogs perfectly adequate for their needs, the same can be true of setting up a blog. Basically, the more professional your blog host is, the more professional your blog will appear to be. Website hosting companies such as Network Solutions have begun to support blogs in order to enable you to take your blog to the next level if you so desire.

The essential perk of having a professionally supported blog host is basically expanded capacity for creativity. On a simple, basic blog, while you can write just about anything you want, as often as you’d like, you only have so much space for expression. With a professional host behind your blog, you gain additional storage space on your blog, and can also upload content other than just what you write. For example, you can post pictures or videos to accompany your musings and writings, making your personal blog all that much more interactive and expressive.

Another interesting benefit, particularly for anyone looking to start discussions or generate feedback through blogging, is that you can attach an email address to your page. This means that you will allow readers to send you mail (at a simple address along the lines of [email protected], for example) without necessarily providing your everyday personal email address for just anyone to use. This small feature can turn your blog from a one-way conversation into an interactive discussion with your readers, and is just one of several reasons some may want to consider WordPress blog hosting.