Quub: A Better Take On Micro-Blogging

Picture 1 At first glance Quub may appear to be just another twitter-like service, but it’s actually much more than that. George Ruan and Dr. Donald J. Patterson created the service because they thought that existing micro-blogging services requires too much time and effort on the part of the average user, which ultimately meant that the users would update the status rarely or give up on the service. Instead of participating in the community, most users would become a mere observer. And I can tell you from my own experience that that is the case.


Coming up with a status message that provides value to your followers, something I always try to keep in mind, is not a trivial problem. Except maybe retweeting news, I gave up on tweeting. But then again, even with my very small follower count, my followers are not my actual friends interested in what I’m up to – they’re geeks looking  for useful information.

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Plinky: A Web App To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Plinky is a web application that gives you that spark of inspiration when you need it the most, by prompting you with a question each day. It also makes it easy to share your answers to other social networks or post it directly to your blog.

Every writer has certain exercises for writer’s block. I often find myself powering up the computer, checking my task list in OmniFocus, reading my email and then skimming the headlines for important news in Google Reader.  Twitterrific almost always has something important popping up, so I dedicate about 10 minutes every day looking at today’s tweets. Coffee cup in hand, some free time available and the morning routine completed, it’s time to cross something off the task list.


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