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One of the best things about the Internet is the ability it gives us to express ourselves.

Whether through Facebook, Twitter, or even simply staying in touch with friends over email, we use the Internet to say what we have to say to whomever will listen, and whenever we want. These days, more and more people seem to be taking this level of expression a small step further, and starting blogs.

For anyone not familiar with the concept or process of blogging, websites such as Blogger or WordPress basically allow you to write your own personal column online. Of course, people find all sorts of ways to use these columns, for updating their friends and families on their lives, discussing specific topics, or even simply venting or reflecting at the end of each day, as if writing a diary. For those who wish to get even more out of their blogs, however, WordPress blog hosting could well be an attractive option.

If you have ever tried to start your own website, you know that in order to do it correctly and professionally, you need to go through a hosting company; and, while many people find simple blogs perfectly adequate for their needs, the same can be true of setting up a blog. Basically, the more professional your blog host is, the more professional your blog will appear to be. Website hosting companies such as Network Solutions have begun to support blogs in order to enable you to take your blog to the next level if you so desire.

The essential perk of having a professionally supported blog host is basically expanded capacity for creativity. On a simple, basic blog, while you can write just about anything you want, as often as you’d like, you only have so much space for expression. With a professional host behind your blog, you gain additional storage space on your blog, and can also upload content other than just what you write. For example, you can post pictures or videos to accompany your musings and writings, making your personal blog all that much more interactive and expressive.

Another interesting benefit, particularly for anyone looking to start discussions or generate feedback through blogging, is that you can attach an email address to your page. This means that you will allow readers to send you mail (at a simple address along the lines of, for example) without necessarily providing your everyday personal email address for just anyone to use. This small feature can turn your blog from a one-way conversation into an interactive discussion with your readers, and is just one of several reasons some may want to consider WordPress blog hosting.

GeekyNinja Welcomes Gourav Mittal

GeekyNinja is hiring and our first hire is already on board, churning out great content faster than a speeding bullet ! I wanted to write an introduction earlier but you know how busy the life of an internet celebrity can be !

I kid, of course. And before I lose track of the purpose of this post, I’ll let Gourav Mittal introduce himself in his own words.

I am Gourav Mittal, 21 years old and a final year student of Computer Science Engineering from Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology. I belong to Siliguri, West Bengal in the East of India. I am simple and happy-go-lucky by nature and firmly believe in living life to the fullest.

Computer programming has always been a passion for me. I love developing web and windows based applications and whenever I get free time I like to share my knowledge and knowhow with the world through my blogs. The sense of satisfaction that I get when someone compliments me for finding my post useful cannot be described in words.

Writing at GeekyNinja has been a very good experience for me. Being a novice blogger, I was very nervous about my initial posts. Thanks to Sharninder for his encouragement and guidance to help me become better in this field. I hope I can continue writing here for a long time to come.

Not to make this intro very lengthy, I would like to end up with my favorite saying that is also the source of inspiration to me : “When you were born, everyone around you was smiling and you were cring. Live your life in such a way that when you die, you are the only person smiling, and everyone around you is crying” !

We’re still hiring and if you want to cut your teeth blogging for the best blog in the business, please send in an application ASAP.

We Are Looking For Writers – Come Write For The Geeky Ninja

Geeky Ninja is a popular and growing technology blog that publishes detailed and descriptive tutorial and review style articles on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux applications. We also occasionally write about cool new Web based applications and utilities that make using a computer easier and fun.

We are looking for writers who can contribute a minimum of 1 post per week. The posts need to be written in clear and understandable English with great screenshots. For some examples of the kind of content that we like to post, please take a look at the following articles that we’ve published recently.

To apply please use the Contact form and send me atleast 3 links to articles that you’ve written online. More than your experience, I’d like to see your knowledge about the topics that you write about.

This is a paid position. Send me an email and I’ll get back to you with the rest of the details.

Image Courtesy: avlxyz

December Roundup – Best of the Web

Happy New Year !

Apologies for the lack of any updates for the last couple of weeks.

This blog has been silent for a while now and I blame the holiday season for it. Christmas, new year and then the hangover from the holidays ensured that I hardly had time for anything but, well, holidaying :-)

Now on to the news.

The new year brings a lot of promise for those of us interested in mobile technology. Google finally launched their highly anticipated mobile phone called the Nexus One. Initial reviews show a lot of promise and I’m really looking forward to more such innovations from Google.

Palm also released updates to their two handsets, the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus. I don’t know about you but I think if there is a platform that can challenge the iPhone right now, it is the WebOS. And with the new devices Palm showed that they’re still very much in the game.

December was a pretty nice month for us at the Geeky Ninja and I hope you guys found our articles informative and useful. If you missed some of our posts, here is a short list of some our best posts from December.

How To Install RockBox on your iPod

Record a Screencast on OS X using the built-in Quicktime X

3 ways to archive your tweets

4 video sharing sites that are better than YouTube

We’ve got much more stuff lined up for you in January. So, hang on, and we hope you enjoy the ride.

November Roundup – Best of the Web

Geeky NinjaWow ! November went by really fast ! It almost feels like yesterday when we did our October Roundup and were talking about the Windows 7 launch and my hackint0sh experiences.

Well, I now have Windows 7 on one of my computers and we’ve started a new Windows 101 series where we’ll  take our readers through simple how to articles that teach them to use Windows. Even if you think you know Windows, we’ve got some posts lined up that should be of use to everyone. So, please keep coming back. The first article of the series that was published is on adding a new user account to Windows 7.

We also published a couple of articles to keep your Windows PC in tip-top shape by de-fragmenting the hard disk and by removing all the clutter from the registry.

Geeky Ninja, obviously, isn’t the only place on the Internet that has some action going on. Read on for some of my picks from around the Internet.

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New Geeky Ninja Series: Windows 101

windows 7

If this is the first time you’re reading The Geeky Ninja, Welcome !

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, Thank you !

And for the rest of you, we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride till now.

The goal of this blog has always been to write about software and technology in a language that is easy to read and understand. I believe (and hope) that I’ve been able to stick to that goal so far.

In the past, we’ve covered a number of Windows Tips and software to make your life easier and while we’ll still continue to write about interesting software for Windows, we’ve decided to start a new Windows 101 series for those who’re just starting on the adventure that is Windows.

If you have any tips or tricks for new Windows users to share, please use the Contact Form and let us know. We hope you like what we’ve lined up for you.

October Roundup – Best of the Web

gravatar.jpgSo, here we are. Another month and another installment of our Best of the Web Roundup.

This last month had been extremely hectic for me. My brother got married last month and if you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you’d know how long and tiring they can be for everyone involved. And because of that and the amount I travelled in the last month, I really couldn’t devote as much time as I’d have liked to, to Geeky Ninja.

Now, just because I wasn’t posting much on this blog, doesn’t mean that I’ve been goofing around.

Windows 7 was released and while I’ve played with the betas and the RCs, I haven’t had the time to install the GA build on any of my machines, yet.

I also managed to build my first fully functional hackint0sh last month. I’ve installed OS X on non-intel hardware before but all those installs always had some driver or the other missing and I couldn’t really enjoy the complete OS X experience. But, this time I followed the MacYourPC guide and successfully installed OS X on my Dell Inspiron 1525 machine and so far, I’m loving it.

Since, I had OS X on my inspiron, I configured it to work with the Cisco VPN solution that my office uses, and also did some digging around with .pkg package format that OS X uses to distribute installable applications.

Well, I’ll be posting more posts on my experiences with my hackint0sh and till then here is a sample of what’s been happening around the web.

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September Roundup – Best of the Web

Geeky NinjaI haven’t done one of these roundup posts in a while but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening around in the blogosphere. On the contrary, things have been quite busy lately.

The Palm Pre launch that we’d been waiting for desperately the last time around has come and gone and while the Pre software did get a lot of coverage and praises, a lot of people haven’t been too happy with the hardware that Palm chose to adorn their comeback phone with.

The Pre that is released on Sprint in the US is a CDMA only phone and the GSM version of the device is expected to be released on Oct 16 in the UK. Although, I’m not really waiting for it this time around as much as I was when it was first announced, and the reason for that is the HTC Hero.

The HTC Hero is an android based device that runs a custom skin over the android interface called Sense. The HTC sense UI is what sets this particular phone apart and you really have to see it in action to get what I’m talking about.

Of course, HTC and Palm aren’t the only companies to have gotten my attention the last few weeks – Apple released their new operating system Snow Leopard a couple of weeks back and it looks like the OS is getting some nice reviews.

That is about all the news I had to share with you guys. On to the blogosphere then.

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February 2009 – Most popular posts

Geeky NinjaFebruary went by quickly, don’t you think ?

The Mobile World Congress at Barcelona kept most of us busy. Not that we were there, but well, the blogosphere has been pretty active :-)

The Palm Pre is still hot and the Mojo SDK video gives us all some hope, if it ever comes out that is !

Oh, and it looks like that geeks in a lot more countries might just get lucky with the Palm Pre, sooner that we’d have thought.

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Download EASEUS Partition Master For Free – 24 Hours Only

Easeus Partition ManagerThis is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Easeus Partition Master – professional edition, is being offered free to MakeTechEasier readers for 24 hours. The post went up about 4 hours earlier so you don’t have a lot of time left.

MakeTechEasier has earlier covered the free edition of the Easeus Partition Manager and gave a thumbs up to the product.

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