Control firefox with the keyboard using ubiquity

UbiquityWell, actually, Ubiquity can do a lot more.

Ubiquity is a firefox extesion that is can really only be described as a launcher for the Internet, integrated with the web browser, which in this case is Firefox. Confused ?

Well, Let me explain. Ubiquity allows you to use your keyboard to give commands to the browser that’ll let you do anything that you would otherwise use the mouse for. So, for example, if you want to search for something using google. You can Just use the keyboard to instruct ubiquity to do that for you. If you want to search amazon for the latest gadgets, Ubiquity can do that too.

Ubiquity is like Quicksilver (or GNOME Do, if you’re so inclined) for the Internet browser.

To get started with Ubiquity, Install it from this location.

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Zim – Desktop based wiki for Linux

Zim - Desktop WikiApplications to help you take and organize notes on your computer are available dime-a-dozen. Linux purists will, ofcourse, give their vote to text editors such as Vim or Emacs but there are also applications such as Tomboy and BasKet available for the non-geeky users that make taking and organizing notes on Linux a breeze.

Ofcourse, taking things a bit further, using a wiki as a note taking tool sounds like a great idea and depending on your usage, might even prove to be a better solution than the general purpose note taking applications that we’ve mentioned above.

Zim - Desktop wiki

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Configure Remote Access to your Ubuntu Desktop

ubuntu Ever tried helping your non-technical friends with their computer problems over phone. If yes, you know how irritating that can be. To solve the problem, Microsoft added an option to one of the Win XP service packs to let remote users take control of your system and made troubleshooting Windows systems much easier.

Microsoft on their part also heavily promoted this new feature and made it seem like something out of a Harry Potter novel.

Linux and cousins have had some kind of VNC server always installed to control remote desktops, but there was never a good GUI option to configure the VNC service. Ubuntu changed that.

Ubuntu has made configuring remote access to the desktop a breeze.

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Convert videos for your iPhone with free tools

ffmpegThe iPhone is a wonderful device to watch videos thanks to it’s big and bright screen. The only problem I have with it is the limited number of video formats that it supports.

Most videos that I download from the net are in formats that the iPhone refuses to understand and play. I’ve tried searching online for utilities to convert videos for the iPhone, but it looks like almost all software available for this purpose online is either free or doesn’t do a good job. While freeware is almost non-existant (or of bad quality), a lot of shareware that is available insist on acting nasty and adding watermarks and other DRM to my videos.

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