Code in PHP from anywhere using PHPanywhere

phpanywhereWhy would you need to use PHPanywhere to code in PHP from anywhere ? Of course, you can code in PHP from anywhere – As long as you have php installed on the machine that you happen to be using. And also have access to the scripts that you want to work on. Also, working without your favorite IDE can be a problem. Correct ?

PHPanywhere changes the equation just a little bit. It lets you code in PHP using your web browser, and the only thing you need access to is the Internet.

PHPanywhere is a web based IDE – integrated development environment, for PHP. And it’s a pretty good one, with built in support for syntax highlighting, smart indentation, undo/redo, find and replace and a full fledged FTP client. And like all good things in life, it is free to use.

To get started, you’ll need to add the login details for an FTP server. This is the server where all your PHP files are going to be stored and this server will act as your scratchpad, so to speak.


When I said phpanywhere comes with a full fledged FTP client, I really did mean it. With the built-in FTP client, you can perfrom almost all operations that you’d want to.


To start working with your scripts in the main IDE, just double click the script that you’re interested in and it’ll open in the main window.


In short, this is the ideal solution for people who are on the road and would like to make some changes to their server side scripts or actually get down and dirty with php, without getting too tied up with the machine they’re on.

Go ahead, register and use the service and let me know what you think of it.