CoTweet helps companies use twitter efficiently

CoTweetTwitter is a great business tool and many companies have just started to realize the benefits of using twitter to connect with their user base. The only problem with using for business is that the service, by default, doesn’t really caters to businesses very well. Sure, you can have conversations with prospective clients and listen to grievances of existing ones but that’s about it.

CoTweet is a new startup that is stepping in to fill exactly this void that Twitter had left wide open. It provides an alternative and much more powerful interface to twitter.

CoTweet lets you manage multiple twitter accounts with ease as well as lets upto 6 people share a single account. Tweets from all the 6 employees can be tagged with different “CoTags” making tracking quite easy.


You can also schedule tweets, which is something Twitter doesn’t provide at all.


Another really cool feature of CoTweet is that it is actually possible to assign Tweets to different members of the team. So, for example, if a customer asks a question which a team member doesn’t have the answer to, he/she can assign the tweet to another member of the team. CoTweet will then send an email to that person and will display the tweet under the “Assigned” category. I think that this is one of the coolest features of the service.

CoTweetIt is also quite easy to monitor trends, search Twitter and track click through statistics on links that you tweet. CoTweet also keeps an archive of all your tweets, so that is another advantage for those who don’t want to trust only twitter ┬áto safeguard and store their Tweets.

With all these features, it is obvious that CoTweet will prove to be an invaluable tool for any business trying to use Twitter to promote their brand.

CoTweet is free while in Beta. If you’re a business owner using Twitter, Register Now.

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