Create a playlist to suit your mood with PlayListNow

PlayListNow LogoOnline services that let the user create a playlist are dime-a-dozen on the web and most of them work the same way.

Think of an artist or a song and the service either suggests a ready-made playlist or lists songs that you can then add and make a custom playlist out of. If you like the song, pick it, or else move on to the next song on the list.

The problem with such services is that they’re all essentially asking the user to do the job. And that In the 21st century, is not acceptable !

The reason that the likes of Pandora, Spotify and are popular is because they work without any human intervention and still seem to play all the songs that the user would love.

What if there was a service that’d create a playlist for me without asking me to add songs to it ?


This nifty web service takes a cue from the current darling of the masses, Twitter, and instead of asking the user for the name of a musical genius, poses the now familiar question, “What are you doing right now ?“.


Enter what you’re doing and PlayListNow then conjures up a playlist of songs that it claims are perfectly suited to whatever you’re doing at that moment.


How, accurate it’s guess or algorithms are is up for debate, though.

For example, I wrote that I’m chilling at home and PlayListNow thinks that I should be listening to a cover of Sweet Dreams ! Thanks, but no Thanks.

PlayListNow Playlist

What works for PlayListNow, though, is the clean interface and the decent collection of playlists that already have and I’m sure they’re adding more to the list.

If you like a song, you can either share it with your friends, watch a video of it sourced from Youtube or save it in your profile so that you can get to it whenever you want to.


The service is free to use and you don’t even need to register to listen to some great music. If you create a profile, though, you’ll get more tools to manage your playlists and also share them with the world.

What are your favorite music streaming services on the web ? Let me know in the comments.