Diagnose and Solve All Your Windows PC Problems with Soluto

Every PC user is familiar with problems such as slow boot up, frequent crashes and sluggish and unresponsive applications.

Most advanced users are able to solve their day-to-day PC issues but a not-so-advanced user is often left wondering what he can do to make sure his PC is in good running condition all the time.

Soluto brings an end to all your worries with their aptly called “Anti-Frustration Software”. Currently in its Beta version, the utility of Soluto can be distinctly divided into 3 categories: Chop Boot Time, Lighten Web Browser and Heal Crashes.

The first thing that you will notice after installing Soluto is the extremely pleasant user interface. The start-up screen shows you a list of the 3 tasks it performs. Just taking our mouse over each icon is enough to activate the control and you get further options to customize. Let us discuss the features one by one.

Chop Boot Time

Whenever your PC boots up, a small screen on the bottom left will show the time it takes to load each application. If you think your boot up time is long you can go to the Chop Boot option on the Soluto main screen and look at the total boot time and the number of applications run on boot. Below that information is a list of the applications divided into 3 groups.

The first is the “No Brainer” and it contains the list of applications that can be safely removed from the boot.

Second is  “Potentially Removable”. This option is for advanced users and the user must decide whether he needs the application in his boot or not.

Last is the “Required” category with consists of mostly Windows services and it cannot be removed from boot up.

Hovering over each icon in any category will open a small pop-up window giving information about that application. You can check when that application was installed, why it runs on boot and whether it’s advisable to remove it or not. If you are not sure what to do with the application, you can check out what percentage of people chose with action with the same application and pause, delay or keep it in boot accordingly.

When you “Pause” an application, it is not run during boot up. Instead, it is run at the users command. “Delaying” the application is a good option when you want to run the application after some time when the PC is idle.

Whenever you “Pause” or “Delay” and application, Soluto will show you how much boot time you have saved and your new boot up time along with the number of applications in it.

Lighten Web Browser

This does what it says. This option will show you a list of the toolbars and add-ons that you can remove from your browser. If you have multiple browsers, you can click on each browser icon to view and enable/disable its own list of “Safely Removable” and “Possibly Removable” add-ons.

It also allows you to change the default search engine for each of the browsers installed on your PC.

Heal Crashes

This option will show you a list of the recent crashes that have occurred on your PC and possible solutions for them. There are also times when Soluto is not able to provide any solution and in such a scenario you will see the number of days remaining for the solution to be available.

All in all, Soluto is a very simple yet efficient solution to deal with problems such as slow start ups and frequent PC crashes. Since it is only in its Beta version, information about a lot of applications but the team behind Soluto is very responsive and the software is getting better all the time. I highly recommend it to all Windows users.

Download Soluto for free here.

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