Google releases iPhone interface for Google Book search

Google Book searchGoogle has just released an iPhone optimised interface for their Book search portal.

This brings almost 1.5 million public domain books within easy reach of iPhone/iPod touch owners.

The only problem is that unlike other eBook readers available for the iPhone, the user has to be connected and online to read books on Google’s platform. The other ebook readers usually let the user download a copy of the book on to their fancy devices and read the books at leisure.

Apart from the above problem, Google’s interface is also quite spartan compared to the other offline readers likeĀ  Stanza. The web based Google Book search does not support hand gestures to change pages, will not have fancy page turning effects and it looks like in its current avatar, tends to display multiple pages of a book on the same page and so reading a book requires quite a bit of scrolling.

Book search interface

That said, having access to 1.5 million books can only be a good thing and I’m sure many of us would love to curl up with a good book … err iPhone .. in our hands on a nice sunday afternoon. Get start by visiting Google book search from your iPhone at

This web application also works with the Android browser.

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