How To Get Your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Back

Mobiles phones are an integral part of our lives these days. With the immense growth of the cellular market, mobile theft is also on an alarming rise and it is estimated that about 26 million mobile phones are stolen each year throughout the world.


That comes to around 50 mobile phones being stolen every minute.  While technology may not yet be able to stop the phones from being stolen, it can certainly be used to bring back your lost phone.

A UK based company Snuko has developed a Mobile Anti-Theft Data Recovery & Tracking Software that can be used to track your lost phone. Besides tracking the phone, it also incorporates many others features such as Data Encryption, Data Retrieval, SIM Card Data Capture and Phone Lock Down Mode.

Whenever a mobile phone installed with Snuko is lost or stolen, all that the user has to do is log onto the online dashboard and report that the phone is stolen. As soon as this is done, a data encryption and lockdown process begins on the phone and the phone is locked with a password. No one can use the phone unless the correct password is entered. An encrypted backup of all the contacts, call logs, SMS’s and applications is made on the server and the user can restore them back once he has recovered his phone.

Snuko also uses GPS and Wi-Fi towers to locate the exact position of your device and shows it on Google Map under the Events and Data tab when the user is logged into his online account.


In case an attempt is made to change the SIM card, the user will be prompted to enter the Snuko device password. If the correct password is not entered then details such as SIM card number, phone number and IMSI number of the new SIM card is captured and displayed on your online Snuko account along with the date and time at which the change of SIM card took place.

If, instead of the phone being stolen, the user just misplaced his/her phone, Snuko allows the finder of the phone to enter his contact details along with a short message and submit it to the owner. This information is then displayed in the owners online dashboard and he can use it to contact the finder of the lost phone.

Once the owner recovers his lost/stolen mobile phone, he can log into his online account and click on the “Report as Found” button. This will unlock the device and the user may then restore back the data on his phone by choosing the “Restore Data” option on the main menu.

Snuko is currently available on the Android platform and is in its Beta version for Blackberry phones. Currently available for free, there is absolutely no reason why one should not try this software on his phone.

Download Snuko Anti-Theft software for free here.

Did you find Snuko useful ? Do you know of any other alternatives  available in the market ? Let us know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “How To Get Your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Back

  1. thanks working gud on my android …. lookout security and avg antivirus also offer the same but guess snuko is better

  2. I accidently locked my phone sent message to snuko support no answer. it keep telling me wrong password but its the same one I can get online with. Please help, I have gone to dashbord and reswet password but still wont open.
    henry howard

  3. I locked my phone in error and snuko suport sent me a new code but it is not working still getting that wrong password message, they are taking very long to respond, this is truly very frustrating.

  4. I’m having the same issue! It happened right after an update. There is no support phone number on their website. This is unbelievably frustrating!! Can anyone help?

  5. I did the same thing today. I reset my password 4 different times and even left their temp password and still receive password wrong error message. I sent an email to their support, but of course they are 6 hrs ahead of us Britain time and I am guessing my email will be buried w/in hundreds. If anyone has a resolution to this PLEASE let me know.

    Thank you,

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