How to revoke access to Twitter Applications

twitter If you, like me, are a fan of Twitter, I’m sure you try out a lot of twitter based applications. There are thousands of applications based on the Twitter API with hundreds more being launched everyday. While some of them are pretty useless, there are some gems that once you start using, are difficult to get rid off.

The usual apps, like the one I use for accessing twitter on my iPhone, only ask for my Twitter username and password and then store it on the device to communicate with Twitter on my behalf. But some applications, like the previously mentioned CoTweet, use your Twitter credentials to let you login to their site without creating an account.

Twitter’s OAuth API interface is used for this purpose and the advantage with this is that you don’t need to give the third party application your twitter login details and instead you login to Twitter directly and approve the third party app to use your data and to Tweet on your behalf.

The only problem here is that there is no (easy) way to find out the authenticity of the applications you give access to. While giving read-only access is relatively safe, if you’ve given read-write access to an application/website they can easily abuse your account to send malicious links/tweets, for example, on your behalf.

The good thing is that Twitter has made it quite easy to deal with this problem and here is what you can do to revoke access to rogue applications.

Login to Twitter via the web interface and click on the Settings link.


On the settings page, click to go to the Connections Tab.


This page will show all the applications that you’ve give access to. Revoking access is simple. Just click on the Revoke Access link under the application description.


That’s it. The rogue application will not have access to your account anymore.

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