How To Start Apache Server In OS X Mavericks

ApacheMac OS X used to be the one of the easiest operating systems around to get a basic web development setup. For anyone interested in learning HTML/CSS/JS etc, all they had to do was open the sharing pane from system preferences and enable the web sharing option. On OS X 10.9, web sharing has been removed.

That doesn’t mean apache isn’t installed, by default. It is, its just hidden away waiting to be manually invoked using a Terminal command.

To start apache, fire up the Terminal and use the following command

sudo apachectl start

To stop apache, this is what you need to do

sudo apachectl stop

You can of course, replace start/stop with restart. sudo apachectl restartThis is useful if you’ve changed some configuration parameter in Apache’s configuration file, httpd.conf, and have to restart apache for it to take effect.