How to translate emails to English with Gmail

GmailThe Gmail team has just made your life infinitely easier by enabling you to translate all the chinese spam emails that you get, to English. I can’t begin to tell you how much more productive I will be because of this new feature.

On a more serious note, this is probably more useful than it sounds. We all live in an increasingly social world. The Internet has made it possible to communicate with people from around the world and I cannot begin to tell you guys the number of times I’ve recieved emails from people with a phrase in a foreign language which I don’t understand. That will be a thing of the past from now on.

Gmail Translate uses the google translate service which, while quite accurate, is not always correct. But, it works quite well for translating simple phrases and understanding the gist of a conversation.

To translate an email you need to enable the feature from the Gmail Labs page inside Settings.

Gmail Labs


Once you save the changes, Gmail will reload and you should now see a “Translate and Print” option added to the email drop down menu. The option is only available when you are viewing an email which is in a language other than English.

Gmail Translate

 You can also simply click on the “Translate message to: English” link if you don’t want to take a print of the email.

If you want to translate the Email to a language other than English, click on “Change language” and specify your default translation language.

5 thoughts on “How to translate emails to English with Gmail

  1. Thanks for the posting, but I have tried this feature and it didn’t work so good for me. i take it only as a tool for somebody that has no clue about English.

    1. @Jean: What problem are you facing ? I’ve used this feature quite a few times and it worked for me.

  2. hej, is it possible that the german version of g-mail does not really have that translation-tool? i am really p****** off about that annoying messages but i do not want to delete them not knowing what they are about! i would be very grateful if there is somebody who can show me the way to the hidden button to eden ;) great page!

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