Live PDF: Search PDF Files using Google or Bing

Almost all search engines support searching inside PDF files and almost all of them have special keywords that the user can pass if you want them to return only PDF related results, but by default the results that you see for any query are mixed with regular web links as well PDF files.

If you’d like to see results from only PDF files from Google and don’t remember the special keywords for it, try Live PDF.

Live PDF: Search PDF files using Google or Bing

Live PDF is a free web service that lets you search PDF files from around the internet using either Google or Bing. The search engine to be chosen can be selected by the user.

The links that you get in the search results point directly to the PDF file so downloading the linked file is as easy as right-clicking and selecting the Save Link As option.

3 thoughts on “Live PDF: Search PDF Files using Google or Bing

  1. Hey, This seems like this is a dated post but that doesn’t matter. Some search engines are better for specific file extensions than others. A very good one that I found for ebooks and pdfs is It’s good because it has no ads, loads extremely speedily, and is cleanly designed. Thanks for the post!

  2. You can also try using a query perimeter in google like filetype:pdf and then type in the keywords. For example filetype:pdf geeky ninja would find pdf files mentioning “geeky ninja” in it. Thanks for the great article!

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