Play Space Invaders in Openoffice Calc

OpenOffice LogoWho said open source developers were a boring bunch of people. I’m quite sure that person hasn’t met the developers of Calc.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock until now, Calc is the Spreadsheet part of the suite and today we are going to unearth a very cool easter egg game programmed within Calc by the developers.

Open a Calc Spreadsheet and type =GAME(“StarWars”) into any cell. The text should be typed exactly as written.

Openoffice Calc

As soon as you press return, a game called StarWars Galaxy will launch which is basically a clone of the popular space invaders arcade game.

StarWars Galaxy

The game and instructions are in German, but it is pretty self explanatory and you can start playing rightaway using the keyboard.

The left and right arrow keys move the Canon and the space bar is used to fire shots at the aliens.

I used to be a big fan of the original Space Invaders and have already spent quite a bit of time playing this one. I’m sure you guys will enjoy this game too.

No of any other cool Easter eggs ? Let us know in the comments.