Sample the best of twitter with WeFollow

WeFollowTwitter can either be an amazing tool or an absolute waste of time, depending on the people that you follow. Follow the right ones and you will have the right information at the right time and follow the wrong ones and you will lag behind your peers by a mile !

When a new user joins, Twitter gives a nice list of suggested people that everyone should be following. The list contains some of Twitter’s heaviest users and (for obvious reasons) the most followed people. I haven’t been able to figure out how are those users selected and what parameters does Twitter take into account before recommending them to a new user, but I think I’ve found just the service to help me find interesting people to follow.

The service is called WeFollow and is basically a user edited directory of Twitter users. The difference is WeFollow categorizes each user in their directory according to their interests.

How does WeFollow come to know of the interests of a particular user ? Simple … it asks them. WeFollow asks each user to essentially register with them and provide their interests as a bunch of tags. WeFollow then ranks those users according to the number of followers neatly categorised in a number of categories like Celebrities, social media, Sports, technology etc.


When a new Twitter user is looking to follow, say, a sports personality, all he/she has to do is go to and look at the top users in the sports category. One really can’t go wrong with those.

To register yourself with WeFollow, start by authorizing WeFollow. Follow the instructions from then on.

My Twitter page is at if any of you would like to follow me.