5 Must Have Paid Android Apps for Every Executive & Businessman

I am sure, you must be surprised after reading the headline above. I mean, when everyone talks about must have free android apps, why am I bringing the spotlight towards the paid section.

Seriously! Why are we afraid of paid apps? Their only crime is that they come with a price tag that’s set by its developer as a price for his hard work.

If you think you’re convinced enough, let’s have a look at the apps, but before I start, let me tell you, I have compiled this list keeping in mind people who work in offices and businesses but even if you don’t fall in this category I still insist you have a look. Who knows you might find something interesting enough to pay for.


As the name suggests DocumentsToGo gives you the power to create, edit and view your office documents on the go. You can work on Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and view the PDF files. If you work on Google Docs you can directly work on the cloud with this app.

Documents To Go 2Documents To Go

One of the best features about the application is synchronization. If you have fully synced your documents on your PC with your smartphone then any edits made in either location will automatically sync it with the other.

If you think you don’t require the features to edit or create documents and just need a viewer you can opt for the free version.


EasyTether is useful for people who need to work even when they are on a vacation and have activated a decent data plan on their Android device. This application allows you to share your phone’s internet connection with a PC (Windows 7/Vista/XP 64-bit/32-bit, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora 13+) via a USB cable.

Easy Tether 1Easy Tether 2

The application does not require root access and works on almost all Android versions. Even though, this functionality is now built-in to most Android phones, if you carrier for some reason has blocked it, you can use this application to still tether your laptop or PC to your phone.

Executive Assistant+

Having an assistant at work can be really helpful but not everyone can afford one, but I am sure everyone can spare some for Executive Assistant+.

Executive assistant 2Executive assistant

Just like a real assistant, the app will give you information regarding your incoming emails, SMS, Missed Calls, Calendar Events, Tasks, Notes and your social media timeline all at one place.

I don’t think I need to convince you more about how helpful this app can be.

BlackList Pro

Are you fed up of unwanted calls and text messages? If your answer is yes, BlackList Pro will take all your pains away. This is a simple app, but is enriched with powerful features to manage unwanted calls/texts from anyone.

Black List Pro 1Black List Pro

There is a free version as well but if you want full control, getting the Pro version is what I advice.

MyBackup Pro

If I ask you, why do you think that your phone is not just an ordinary phone, but a smartphone. I am sure you will talk think about applications, emails, notes, games and so much more that you can accomplish with your phone. Most of us use our smartphones as an extension of our brain and thus we can’t afford the loss of any data.

My Backup Pro 2My Backup Pro

MyBackup Pro is your friend. It’s the easiest way to backup your Android phone. MyBackup Pro will work on all Android mobile devices, wether they are rooted or not.

If you have a rooted device, Titanium Backup is also another good app that you can use.

So what do you think of our list ? Did I miss something? Do let me know in the comments below.

5 Ways to Use Your iPhone As A Diet Assistant

This is a guest post by Matthew Denos.

Weight Loss AppsNeed to drop some pounds? Have an iPhone? If so, you have an entire weight loss
program at your fingertips !

There are 500—and counting—weight loss applications available for download, many of which are free. There are apps that will help you determine how much you need to lose, how many calories you should be consuming, how many calories are in different foods, or how many calories are burned with various activities, and apps to help you track it all. No, this doesn’t mean you should skip your workout today—and maybe even for the rest of the week—in order to browse through them. Instead, you can start with the list provided here, which will get you started towards your goal.

1. BMI Calculator

Weight Loss Apps

The first app you might want to use is one that offers a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. Your BMI provides a rough approximation of the percentage of body fat you are carrying around, based on your weight relative to your height. BMI Calculator is a free app for the iPhone that will estimate your BMI for you and determine whether you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. It is a very basic application wherein you enter your height and weight, and your BMI is calculated. This is a little piece of information, yet very valuable when starting a weight loss progam. It shows you how far away you are from your ideal weight. You also have the option of entering your age and your gender. The newest version of BMI Calculator allows you to save each of your BMI measures and provides a graphic display of the trend; Apple/iTunes.

2. 2Fat

Weight Loss Apps

Another, similar application, is 2Fat. In addition to providing you with an estimate of your BMI, this app translates this number into a percentage of body fat. Instead of having to type in your height and weight, you use scroll wheels to enter the data. 2Fat is a free app, but the developer of the app—two Enterprises—offers an upgraded version, 2Fat +, which costs $0.99 to download. The upgraded version allows the user to enter the data in metric units (a feature that is not available on the free version) and automatically stores the user data when you exit the app; Apple/iTunes.

3. Calorie Counter

Weight Loss Apps

Calorie Counter is another great free weight loss application. This application is an extension of the online diet website, CalorieCount.com. It not only provides nutritional data for more than 100,000 foods, but also offers a library of over 150 low-calorie recipes. Users can browse through the recipe file by course, food group, and/or dietary elements. They can access information for some of their favorite exercises as well and record both their daily caloric intake and expenditure. Both U.S. and metric units are supported by this app, and you can enter your weight and view recent logs even when no Internet connection is available; Apple/iTunes.

4. Lose It!

Weight Loss Apps

Lose It! is a free app that has received national acclaim in the U.S. It enables you to record your daily food intake and exercise to help you in your weight loss efforts. The application provides an extensive database of food—including restaurant items– and activities and allows you to add additional foods and activities with ease. You are also able to track nutritional information, such as fat grams, carbohydrates, cholesterol, and fiber. The “log” screen displays calories consumed and calories expended for the day, along with your daily caloric budget, and calculates how much over or under budget you are. No internet connection is needed, and there are no annoying advertisements, either; Apple/iTunes.

5. Absolute Fitness

Weight Loss Apps

The Absolute Fitness app has an extensive exercise database, in addition to a comprehensive nutritional database. It provides information on calories expended for more than 180 different physical activities and calories, fat grams and other nutritional information—including vitamin content—for over 10,000 foods. It also gives users the ability to create “custom” foods (meals) that consist of more than one food item. This application automatically calculates daily nutrient intake limits and sets a goal for you, based on the information you entered into your profile. You can elect to customize these figures, however. A daily snapshot allows you to see how much you have already consumed and how much you can still consume of a specific nutrient. Absolute Fitness also has a feature that allows you to track your body fat percentage, blood pressure, hours of sleep, and amount of water consumption. All this can be had for a $4.99 download fee; Apple/iTunes.

About the Author:

As a medical scientist with a specific interest in obesity treatement, Matthew loves anything mobile that can get people on the road to improved health and well-being. He writes for a number of different tech and health sites and offers coupons for the Medifast meal replacement diet plan.

How to revoke access to Twitter Applications

twitter If you, like me, are a fan of Twitter, I’m sure you try out a lot of twitter based applications. There are thousands of applications based on the Twitter API with hundreds more being launched everyday. While some of them are pretty useless, there are some gems that once you start using, are difficult to get rid off.

The usual apps, like the one I use for accessing twitter on my iPhone, only ask for my Twitter username and password and then store it on the device to communicate with Twitter on my behalf. But some applications, like the previously mentioned CoTweet, use your Twitter credentials to let you login to their site without creating an account.

Twitter’s OAuth API interface is used for this purpose and the advantage with this is that you don’t need to give the third party application your twitter login details and instead you login to Twitter directly and approve the third party app to use your data and to Tweet on your behalf.

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uQuery: A better search engine for the Apple App store

uQuery LogoThe Apple App store has truly revolutionized the business of mobile phone applications. It is often touted as a unique feature of the iPhone (and the iPod Touch) and is absolutely one of the best things to have happened to the developers developing applications for the platform.

For the end user, though, the App store can be a bit frustrating at times. There are a dozen or so categories and hundreds of applications available for download under each category. At last count, the store had over 65,000 applications competing with each other for a share of the (crowded) market.

iTunes, and it’s mobile counterpart, is used to search for and download applications for the App store. The problem is that with the limited search functions (and categorization) that iTunes provides, it is a nightmare for the users to actually sift through all the choices available and download that one application which’ll work for them.

uQuery aims to solve that very problem and make it easier for the end users to search the app store through an easy interface that (almost) reminds one of the simplicity of Google. And that in my books is a good thing.


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