Change Android Lock Screen with Magic Locker

Change is a part of life and as geeks, one of the most frequent things we change around us is our Smartphone’s look and feel. If I am not wrong, most of us take out some time every now and then to apply some cool ringtone or smokin’ wallpapers.

Indeed, we interact with these two aspects frequently and thus change is necessary to avoid monotony, but what about the lock screen? Every time we unlock our phone its the lock screen that greets us so why don’t we change that frequently?

There used to be a time when the idea of changing the lock screen required rooting the phone or flashing a custom ROM both of which are without doubt a bit risky when compared to the outcome.

Today I will tell you about an all new Android app, Magic Locker, which will make the process of changing the lock screen a cake walk and the best thing is that you don’t need a rooted phone to use the app.

Magic Locker

Magic Locker is a simple yet powerful lock screen application for Android.

To get started, download and install the Magic Locker main app from the Android Market. By default the main application contains one theme, Lost Robot, and you can apply it instantly to change your lock screen.

To install new themes you will have to download and install individual Magic Locker theme files from the market. Just do a quick search for MagicLockerTheme in the market and install the ones you like.

Magic Locker main

After you install a Magic Locker theme app, you will have to run the theme app and press Install this theme . The theme will then integrate to your main app just like the Lost Robot theme

Themetheme 3theme 2

Now every time you need to change your Android lock screen you just need to open Magic Locker and apply your desired theme.

Here are some of the amazing features of the app worth mentioning.

Amazing Features

  • You can activate phone, SMS and Camera directly from the lock screen.
  • A user can easily change the shortcuts to open any other application.
  • You can use the application on custom ROMs. I tested the application on Samsung Galaxy S running MIUI and it worked without any hiccups.
  • You can easily customize the date, time and wallpaper.
  • Support system security pattern (settings->Location and security->Set up screen lock. For HTC: Settings-> Security->Set up screen lock)

So what will be your fist new lock screen, will it be an iPhone or an HTC sense inspired theme?

Customize Gmail and remove the clutter with Minimalist Gmail

GmailGmail is one of the world’s most popular free email services and is definitely my favorite email service. The reasons that I like Gmail for are simple enough. In my opinion, the reason Gmail is so popular is because Google really goes the extra mile to ensure that the Interface remains as clutter free as possible.

Even the advertisements that Google displays are all kept as discreet as possible and for people who don’t like to see ads, they even provide IMAP/SMTP as an option for those users.

Google has so far done a very good job of keeping the web based interface of Gmail clean and (mostly) clutter free. But, over the years as google has added features to Gmail, the interface, the two sidebars in particular, have become a little cluttered.

And to satisfy the power users, they’ve even gone so far as to implement a separate Labs section where they release features that are not considered ready for prime time. If you have a couple of these features enabled, they clutter the sidebar even more.

So, what are your options if you want to use the web based interface of Gmail but still want it to be as clutter free as your desktop email client ?

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