Fix Twitter Retweets using a Greasemonkey script

Twitter LogoRetweets have always been one of Twitter’s most powerful features, except, that ReTweeting was never even a feature that the Twitter team developed.

Retweets using the RT (or the ‘via @user’) format were pioneered and popularized by the early adapters of the service and it is only when twitter attained a mass following did everyone else recognize the potential of retweets.

The official stance on retweeting, however, was still that they’re just a type of tweet and the twitter development team never made any moves to incorporate retweets into their web interface even as almost all third party twitter clients supported retweeting in one form or the other.

Last month the twitter team’s stance changed, though, and they launched a new ReTweet feature that is now a part of the web interface and is now officially the way ReTweets are supposed to work.

Ever since the retweet feature launched, a lot of people have been complaining about the way it has been implemented, specifically the fact that the ReTweeted tweet displays the original tweeter’s DP rather than your friend who RT’ed it.

If you’re one of those who’re annoyed by this implementation, Leonard Lin from userscripts, has a solution for you.

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Customize Gmail and remove the clutter with Minimalist Gmail

GmailGmail is one of the world’s most popular free email services and is definitely my favorite email service. The reasons that I like Gmail for are simple enough. In my opinion, the reason Gmail is so popular is because Google really goes the extra mile to ensure that the Interface remains as clutter free as possible.

Even the advertisements that Google displays are all kept as discreet as possible and for people who don’t like to see ads, they even provide IMAP/SMTP as an option for those users.

Google has so far done a very good job of keeping the web based interface of Gmail clean and (mostly) clutter free. But, over the years as google has added features to Gmail, the interface, the two sidebars in particular, have become a little cluttered.

And to satisfy the power users, they’ve even gone so far as to implement a separate Labs section where they release features that are not considered ready for prime time. If you have a couple of these features enabled, they clutter the sidebar even more.

So, what are your options if you want to use the web based interface of Gmail but still want it to be as clutter free as your desktop email client ?

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Download manager for Firefox – DownThemAll

DownThemAll If you’ve ever had to deal with an errant internet connection while downloading a set of hefty multimedia files, you’ll know how irritating that can be. The internet keeps going down and the browser keeps trying to start your download, all over again. Even if the connection is holding up well, the Internet and TCP/IP in particular, was never designed for the huge files that we transfer these days, and sooner or later you are bound the drop the connection or have your download timed out.

Back when most people used dial up to connect to the Internet, download managers were pretty much the only way to download files off the Internet. Well, the download managers still exists and they’ve gotten a lot more smarter. DownThemAll is one such download manager.

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How to download an album from Facebook

FacebookFacebook is, by all accounts, the biggest photo sharing site on the planet. Millions of photos are added everyday to facebook and the number is only going to grow given the ridiculous growth that facebook is seeing.

The photos application is also one of the more social aspects of facebook and everyone loves to tag, comment and generally have fun with photos. 

All that is well and good, but what do you do if you want to download a complete album to your computer and view it offline. Facebook doesn’t provide  any tools to do that. Sure, you could save each photo individually but that’d take a long time and be really painful.

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Control firefox with the keyboard using ubiquity

UbiquityWell, actually, Ubiquity can do a lot more.

Ubiquity is a firefox extesion that is can really only be described as a launcher for the Internet, integrated with the web browser, which in this case is Firefox. Confused ?

Well, Let me explain. Ubiquity allows you to use your keyboard to give commands to the browser that’ll let you do anything that you would otherwise use the mouse for. So, for example, if you want to search for something using google. You can Just use the keyboard to instruct ubiquity to do that for you. If you want to search amazon for the latest gadgets, Ubiquity can do that too.

Ubiquity is like Quicksilver (or GNOME Do, if you’re so inclined) for the Internet browser.

To get started with Ubiquity, Install it from this location.

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