How To Make Free Ringtones For Your iPhone

As awesome as the iPhone is, it has a lot of shortcomings. Apple fans would like to claim that Apple doesn’t really play the “features” game and would rather implement a few features well than having a hundred ill conceived features like it’s rivals.

I agree with Apple’s philosophy to a certain extent but when a phone, in the 21st century, doesn’t let a user have their own songs as ring tones, it is taking that philosophy a little too far. That too, when Apple itself sells ringtones through it’s iTunes music store. Thankfully there are ways to make ringtones for your iPhone for free and you don’t have to pay Apple a cent for them. The only limitation seems to be that ringtones for the iPhone have to be approximately 40 seconds in size. I haven’t been able to figure out the exact time restriction so we’ll keep our custom ringtones to about 30 seconds in length.

We’ll be using iTunes for making ringtones so you’ll have to launch iTunes and select the song that you want to use for making your ringtone.

Select and right click the song in iTunes and select Get Info from the context menu. Hit the Options tab.

Now, enter the start and stop time for your ringtone. For example, in the screenshot above, from the song that I selected, iTunes will use the audio from the 43rd second till the 1.10 min mark to make my ringtone. Press the Ok button.

Now, right click the song again and select the Create AAC version option.

The next step is a little tricky and a lot of people do it wrong. It isn’t that difficult, though.

When iTunes has finished creating the AAC version of your song, you’ll see two copies of the same song in your iTunes library. The only difference will be that one will be the full song and the other will be the clipped version that starts and ends at the times that you gave earlier. You can identify the length of the songs with the Time column in your library.

What you need to do is select the AAC version (shorter) of the song and drag it out of your library to the desktop. When iTunes has copied the song to your desktop, delete the file from the iTunes library. This deletion step is really important otherwise iTunes will fail to recognize your new ringtone file.

The file that you’ve copied to your desktop will have an extension of .M4A. Rename the extension to .M4R.

That’s all. All you have to do, now, is to drag this file back to iTunes. iTunes will automatically place the file in the Tones section of your library. Sync your iPhone as usual using iTunes and you should be able to use your own custom ringtone. All without paying Apple a single dime of your hard earned money.

Top 5 Sites To Download Free And Legal Music

The words “free” and “legal” generally do not go together on the internet, especially when it comes to downloading music.

Statistics from the IFPI reveal that the piracy rate for music on the Internet is about 95%. When it comes to all things music, pirated music certainly makes up a bulk of the digital downloads.

While it may feel nice to get your music fix for free, think about it from the musician’s point of view. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that they make enough money to actually make the music you and I enjoy ?

Pirating music is definitely not the only way to listen to some good music. Here we present to you 5 sites for downloading free music legally so that you do not have to carry the guilt of wrongdoing (such as downloading pirated music) while listening to your favorite number.

 1. has a huge collection of free music downloads which you can browse according to genre. They also feature a “Free mp3 of the day” or you can take a look at the “Top Downloads” section to get a taste of what others are listening to. Musicians can also upload their work and reach 40 million fans, if the site is to be believed. Users can also search songs from a particular artist and listen or download the desired tracks.

2. Amazon

Amazon, one of the largest online music sellers online, also offers free music to download. Visit Amazon Free Music and browse the list of over 2800+ songs or browse through songs in specific categories such as Rock, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop and many more.

3. Jamendo

Jamendo currently offers 313,675 (at the time of writing this post) free music tracks and rightly claims to let you “Discover the true value of free music”. Users can search for music specific to their country and order the results by popularity, most downloaded, most listened, latest releases etc. Downloading tracks is as easy as clicking on the download button on any album or player.

4. is a very popular music recommendation service but if you dig in a little into the website, you’ll  land up on the Free Music Downloads page. The number of downloads offered is large and users can find the songs based on its genre such as acoustic, ambient, hardcore, among others. Registered users get the benefit of music recommendatios from the site. For those who want to save time on signing up, a direct facebook connect option is also provided. 

5. Madeloud

Madeloud offers free music downloads from underground bands and solo artists. Users can filter songs according to pricing and/or by its genre. Songs are shown in a list with details such as number of times it has been played, downloaded, it’s rating and whether its content is explicit or kid friendly.

Bonus: Google Music

Although the Music beta by Google is only available in the United States, Google Music India labs can be used in India, and offers thousands of songs. The reason why it does not make the top 5 list is because the songs cannot be downloaded. They are available only for listening online. Nevertheless, an excellent collection of songs from sites such as, saavn and saregama makes this a one stop solution for audiophiles looking for tracks in the continental languages.

Do you download music off the Internet? Which websites do you use to download your favorite tracks?