How To Remove The Noise From Your Twitter Timeline

Twitter is an amazing social network that can be a powerful tool in your arsenal if used properly. Unlike traditional social networks, that are meant for communication between real-life friends, anyone can follow anyone else on twitter and start receiving their updates in real-time.

The best part about twitter is that instead of being restricted to people in your regular social circle, you are exposed to millions of new and, potentially, interesting people who might be able to give you a new perspective on any topic that you wish to discuss. This, in my opinion, is what makes twitter so powerful.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Since you follow people who might not share all the same interests as you have, there will be times when your timeline is full of tweets you have no interest in. If you’d like to filter out such tweets from your timeline and read only the stuff you’re interested in, you’ll thank us for recommending Slipstream.

Slipstream is a free extension for Google’s Chrome web browser that lets you filter tweets using filters that you define. Slipstream installs next to the address bar on your browser like all Chrome extensions and the first time you click on it’s icon, you’ll be asked to authorize slipstream using twitter’s authentication process and to let it access your tweets.

Now, let’s say there is an event happening somewhere that you’re not interested in and everyone on your timeline is tweeting about it and you’d like to hide all tweets with a mention of the event’s hashtag. Click the slipstream icon and click on the “Hide Some Tweets” button. You can now enter the hashtag or any text that you aren’t interested in and slipstream will not display any tweets containing that tweet to you.

You can also let Slipstream hide tweets by a certain user on your timeline or by anyone on each user’s timeline that you happen to take a look at.

If you’re too lazy to actually remember and type the text that you want to block, you can just point to a tweet when you see it on the twitter web interface and click the hide button.

Clicking the hide link will bring up the Slipstream window with the text of the tweet already entered for you. You can then keep the complete text or just parts of the text that you want to filter out.

Slipstream can prove to be an extremely useful tool for someone who uses twitter mostly using the browser. The only problem that I see is that it is only available for the Google Chrome browser, but that’s not really a problem since the browser is so good, right !

Have you guys ever wished to hide some tweets from your timeline ? Did you find any other tools for this task ?