How to enable the 2-way Firewall in Windows Vista

Windows Vista The Internet is not a place for the weak hearted, or so the saying goes. And it has become even more dangerous, in these times of Always-On, broadband internet connections. Virus threats, DOS attacks and zombie networks have taken over the internet and there is no running away from all this chaos. The point is that if you have a computer connected to the Internet in any way, a firewall is something that you should install even if you only use the computer for a couple of hours a day.

A lot of the attacks and exploits that take place on the internet everyday target Microsoft Windows and some might even be inclined to believe that Windows is really the most insecure operating system around. I like to take such statements with a pinch of salt, though, and to be fair to Microsoft, they have been shipping a half decent firewall with Windows atleast since the XP days. While there are a number of commercial and freeware firewall utilities available for windows, not many people are aware that Windows Vista actually ships with a very capable 2-way firewall for free.

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