Caffeine keeps your PC awake

CaffeineI’m sure you agree that having the screen saver kick in, while you’re watching your favourite movie on the PC, is one of the most annoying things that can happen. 

And if you do agree with the above statement, we’ve got just the utility for you.

Caffeine is a small utility that sits in the system tray all day long and prevents your PC from going to sleep. It does this by simulating a keypress every 59 seconds by default. The time can be changed with the help of command line options to Caffeine.


Caffeine is free to use and the small download (13kb only) gives you absolutely no reason NOT to give it a shot. 

Go on, download Caffeine and the next time you’re watching a movie, run it. Just make sure that you set the keystroke time to be less than the time you’ve set for your screensaver to set in.