Manage Your Android Phone From PC

Android phones are gaining popularity thanks to the huge number of applications available that let you do almost anything from playing a casual game to managing your bank account with a phone. We have already covered some of the best free and paid applications for android phones. Now lets take a look at 2 more free applications that let you take complete control over your android phone, from a computer.

With memory capacity of our phones increasing exponentially, managing all your files, folders, music, applications on a few inches screen is no more convenient. This is where Wondershare MobileGo for Android comes into play. Install the free software on your windows computer and you are set to explore your device from a much broader prospective, quite literally.

Connection to your phone can be done through a USB cable or Wi-Fi although you need to install the android counterpart to connect via the latter option. Once connected, the interface is extremely neat and user friendly. The first thing you will probably notice is the screenshot of your phone. The two buttons underneath it can be used to save the screenshot on your PC or to refresh the screen.

The large green and blue buttons on the right of your phone screenshot lets you perform 1 click backup and restore of your phone’s content. You can back up your contacts, sms messages, calendar entries, call logs, playlists and the apps on your phone.

Separate icons for Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and Apps are provided so that you can manage them individually. Some of the features include the ability to set your ringtone, add or edit contacts, send SMS’s and installing or uninstalling apps. Adding or removing files to or from your phone and memory card can also be done effortlessly.

Overall, Wondershare MobileGo is highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy yet effective android management tool. However, it has one limitation – your phone must be with you in order to connect with your PC.

To be able to control your android phone remotely, try Phonedeck. Although it does not provide as much control over your phone as in case of Wondershare MobileGo, yet it is good for those who often forget to carry their phones with them. To use Phonedeck you need to create an account, download the mobile application and sync your phone with the phonedeck cloud dashboard.

Once that is done, log into the phonedeck homepage from any browser, irrespective of where your phone is, to manage it. The activities tab will show you your recent activities and you can filter it according to missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls or only sms. The contacts tab displays all your contacts in alphabetical order and you can view the contacts and merge or delete them. The Insights tab is an interesting addition as it shows you statistics such as number of calls or sms’s made in a week, month or year, the average call duration and top contacts etc.

The top bar contains a search bar and icons for sending SMS’s or making phone calls. The last icon (present on the right) shows the battery status of your phone and also contains a ‘Locate this phone’ function which triggers a soft ding sound on your phone even if it’s in the silent mode.

All in all, both MobileGo and Phonedeck are excellent android management tools. While the former demands that you have the phone with you to manage it, the latter requires a working internet connection on your phone. Because of the differences, both the tools will satisfy consumers of different needs and requirement.

Do you use any computer application to manage your phone? Do let us know which management tool would you prefer for your phone?

Make The Most Of Your Dropbox Account

Cloud storage is all the rage these and when it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox is one service that needs no introduction. Being one of the most popular online backup services, a lot of people use it to store their pictures, videos, documents and almost all types of files. Useful as it is, the dropbox service can be extended to much more than just a regular file storage service with the help of these free web based services.

Perform automated actions on saving files

Wappwolf is an automator for dropbox which means that you can have certain actions performed automatically when you drop files to specific folders in your dropbox account. A lot of actions are available such as automatically upload pictures to your facebook or google+ account, convert files to pdf or ebook, zip it, email it and many more.

Backup Your Website or Blog

Ask any webmasters and you will know how important it is to keep a backup of one’s website. My BackupBox makes this process automated by scheduled backups to your dropbox account. All you need to do is connect your account from where you want to transfer the files. Available options include FTP, SFTP, MySQL, Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and Google Drive. Once you set your source and destination, you can choose for a one time transfer or scheduled transfers on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Receive Files Publicly

Emails are not the most convenient means when it comes to receiving files, especially large ones. DropItToMe allows users to receive files from anyone directly to your dropbox account. Register with the site and set your upload password get your file upload url for your DROPitTOyourname page. On visiting this link users will have to enter the upload password before uploading a file. This prevents any unwanted upload from unknown users.  File size of upto 75 MB is supported by the service. Check the screenshot which shows the page for uploading files into my dropbox account.

Save files directly from a url

If there is an online file that you want to store into your dropbox account then downloading it to your computer and then transferring it to dropbox is unnecessary hassle. You can easily overcome it by using SideCloudLoad as it lets you save a file directly from its url into your dropbox. All you need to do is enter the file url and your dropbox credentials.

Save Emails and Attachments

If saving directly from url or receiving files publicly is not enough for you, this service can save your email attachments into your dropbox folder. Visit SendToDropbox and connect your dropbox account to get your email address. You can share this email id with anyone and all emails and attachments received at this address will be saved into an ‘Attachments’ folder in your dropbox account. Also, you can add the sendtodropbox email address to the forward list in your existing email id so that all emails and attachments sent there are also saved into your dropbox account.

Do share with us if you use any cloud based services for your storage needs and if you found the above services useful. If you haven’t started using Dropbox, yet, get your free account here. Don’t wait !

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone

I recently purchased a new iPhone 4S after having used the original Nexus One for over two years. Now, like most of you who’ve changed phones more than once, I was prepared for the hard (and irritating) work of transferring my contacts from the Android to the iPhone.

In the good ‘ol days this meant either making a list of all the important contacts in one phone and then manually entering them into the second phone, or transferring contacts from the first phone to the SIM card’s internal memory and then transferring them back to the second phone. Both fairly inefficient and time consuming tasks, more so, because most of the time the SIM’s internal memory wasn’t enough to hold all the contacts one might have.

With the advent of cloud based services, though, this process has become quite easy. In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to transfer your contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone.

Android phones, by default, backup all the contacts to Gmail, so the first step to export your contacts out is to login to your Gmail account and display all the contacts stored in Gmail.

Now, select all the contacts that you want to transfer over to the iPhone. If you want to transfer all the contacts, mark the appropriate check box.

Just be wary of one possible bug, when I tried exporting my contacts list of over 300 contacts in one go, Gmail stopped responding for me. The only way I could manage to get all my contacts out of Gmail was by selecting max 60-70 in one go.

So, now the next step is to export all the contacts that you’ve selected in the vCard format since that is the format that the iPhone understands.

Click the More drop down and select Export. In the window that pops up, select “vCard format” and hit Export.

Your browser will now open a file download dialogue for you to save the contacts on your desktop. The next step is to imp or the contacts to iCloud so that the iPhone can sync them from there.

Log into your iCloud account at, open the Contacts application and drag and drop the vCard formatted contacts that you just exported to the iCloud Contacts application.

That’s it. Your iPhone will now automatically sync all the contacts using iCloud as the backend.

How To Stop Skype From Starting Automatically on Mac OS X

Skype LogoI have to confess I’m not a big Skype user. I live in India and the rates offered by skype for various locations are usually more than those offered by the local service providers so its much more convenient (and cheap) to just pick up the phone and call. But, I’m sure many among you, in this increasingly connected world of ours, are skype addicts .. oops, I meant fans. But, ever since I came to the US on a business trip, I’ve been using Skype more and more to speak to my wife and folks back home.

Here in the US, things are a little different. Skype offers better rates, and surprisingly better voice clarity and so it has become my preferred mode for calling anyone in the US. So, as soon as I got my new MacBook Pro, I installed Skype on it … and went to sleep. When I rebooted, skype came back up automatically. Now, I know most people have skype running on their computers all day long and prefer this behavior, but I don’t like to have programs load up automatically and so went around looking for a way to disable this behavior. Well, it turns out Skype doesn’t have an option to disable this “load on startup” behavior. So, if you’ve also tried to find this option and gave up in frustration, I’ve got two ways that you can disable skype and similar programs from loading on startup on Mac OS X. I hope you find this post informative.

Using The Skype Context Menu

One way to disable Skype from loading on startup is to right click the Skype icon in the OS X dock and then selecting (untick) the “Options->Open at Login” menu item.

Skype Right Click Context Menu

This will prevent Skype from starting up the next time you reboot.

The problem with this approach is that it only works for Skype and probably a few other applications but then you have to repeat the same process for all the applications.

If you want to control the startup behavior of all programs, a better place to do that is the StartUp Items that are defined for each user on OS X. I’ll show you how.

Disable Programs From The StartUp Items List

Open System Preferences and click on Accounts. This will take you to the user accounts management screen. Select your username from the list on the left hand side and click on the “Login Items” tab.

Login Items

Now, you can just uncheck those applications that you don’t want starting up automatically. The advantage of using this approach is that it’ll work for all applications and you can stop multiple applications from running at startup at the same time.

Did you find this tip useful ? Would you like to read about more such Mac OS X Tips ?

How To Disable The Caps Lock Key On Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Disable The Caps Lock KeyIf you ask me, one of the most useless keys on a keyboard is the Caps Lock key. In my opinion, The Caps lock no longer has any roll to play on your key board. Instead, I’m sure it’s just irritating when you accidentally hit it unintentionally. In my opinion, It is best to just disable the key, an option that ideally should have been built into the operating system.

But, since it isn’t built-in, Here are two ways to disable the caps lock key on your key board.

1. Adding a registry entry to disable the caps lock key or map it to another key.

2. A simple utility that helps you to disable any key or map any key to any other key on your keyboard.

Adding Registry Entry

Windows does not have such a default setting by which you can disable/enable any key. But editing the registry you can achieve the same result. For that you would have to launch the registry editor by typing “regedit” (without the quotes) at the Run (Win +R) box and hitting enter.

At the registry editor navigate to the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

Now take note of the Scancode Map entry. The different parts of the binary code  are responsible for the mapping of the keyboard layout. You can set the keys on your own by editing that data. But this is a complicated trick and would require you to know a lot about the inner workings of the operating system and keyboards.

Since, we only want to disable the caps lock key for now, I have already made a registry key file for you, that’ll set the Scancode Map entry to the correct value. Just download the following zipped file and extract it to get the registry key file. Once you have that registry file, just double click on that and click on Yes. You are done! Restart your computer and see the result – Your caps lock key has been disabled !

Download DisableCapsLock.

Using The Utility SharpKeys

SharpKeys is a simple application that supports both windows 7 and vista that lets you disable any key or map keys on your keyboard.

Download the application SharpKeys and run it (no installation is required).

Once you run the application, you can add any key from the list and choose to disable that key or map that key to another.

In the SharpKeys interface, click on the Add button to select the key from the list and select what do you want to do from the right side. After selecting the key and the target task, click on the OK button.

After that, you will be returned to the SharpKeys initial interface. Now, click on the Write to registry button. You would get a massage saying that the key mapping has been successfully stored to the registry. Click on OK.

You are done!

To revert to your initial settings, delete the corresponding entry from the list. As simple as that !

So, do you also think the caps lock key is as useless as it seems  ? Do you like to keep the caps lock key disabled ? Share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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Open Any File Using Notepad From The Windows Context Menu

Add Right-click Option to Open With NotepadOur mission here at Geeky Ninja is to make things easy and simple. One of the complex job is opening any file with Notepad. You can open text files with .txt extension in notepad usually by double clicking on the file. If the file is an HTML or VBS etc  then you can open those file from the Open with > Notepad using the right-click context menu. But that doesn’t work for all files. So, for some files, you have to select notepad as the opening application from the option “Choose program”.

But all the complexity can be avoided by adding the Open with notepad option at right-click context menu for all types of file. There is a simple registry hack to do that.

Registry Hack To Add The “Open with Notepad” Option To The Right-Click Context Menu

Press Win + R and type “regedit” without the quotes and hit enter to open the registry editor.

Note: You are about to edit the registry, so it is always recommended that you should keep a backup of your registry to be in safe side before making any change. Learn how to backup registry.

Now navigate to the following path from the left pane of the registry editor:


If the entry “shell” is not available there, create it by right clicking on “ * ” and then by choosing New > Key. Give the name of that key as shell.

Add Right-click Option to Open With Notepad

Similarly, create another key Open with notepad under shell and command under the recently created key (Open with notepad).

Select the command key and right-click on Default at the right pane and select Modify.

Add Right-click Option to Open With Notepad

Under the Value data field put the following command:

notepad.exe %1

Add Right-click Option to Open With Notepad

and click on OK.

You should see the changes immediately.

Add Right-click Option to Open With Notepad

If you are not computer savvy and are afraid of editing the registry yourself then you can download the following registry file which will automatically do the job for you.

Download OpenWithNotepad registry entry.

The above link will download a zip file containing the registry hack to add the Open with Notepad option in the context menu along with the un-installation script.

Just extract the zipped file and double click on the OpenWithNotepad.reg file. If you want to remove the entry from the context menu, just double click on the RemoveOpenWithNotepad.reg file.

This trick also works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How to add Facebook chat to iChat on Mac OS X

iChat LogoFacebook is the social media giant that is showing no signs of stopping. Apart from being a regular social media website for people to interact with their friends (and strangers, in some cases), Facebook has also been trying to get into the instant messaging game which has till now been dominated by Google’s GTalk and Yahoo’s Messenger.

Even though GTalk is relatively new compared to Yahoo messenger, it has quickly become the favorite instant messaging client of a lot of people because of two main reasons, in my opinion. The first reason is that the GTalk client itself is extremely light and efficient and the second reason, and I think this is the major one, is that the GTalk protocol is based on open standards, which allows users to log in to google’s instant messaging network using many of the excellent free and open source clients available such as Pidgin, Adium and the like, and not depend only on Google’s official client which as of this writing is only available for Windows.

Facebook has also now taken a similar approach in their quest for IM domination. They have recently launched an XMPP compatible gateway for their chat protocol, which basically means that you can now connect to and chat with your facebook buddies via any IM client that supports XMPP including the friendly iChat.

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Windows 101: Add a New User Account in Windows 7

windows 7If you’re one of those who recently switched to Windows 7 from Windows XP, and are still learning the ropes of Microsoft’s new operating system, you’d have noticed how Windows 7 likes to do things a little differently especially when it comes to administrative tasks such as creating accounts for new users.

Even if you’re a seasoned Windows user who just got Windows 7 on a new computer that you purchased, the first thing to do, in my opinion, should be to create new non-administrator accounts for anyone who’d be using the computer for their work. And yes, if you’re moving up from Windows XP, things are a bit different around here. Oh wait, I just said that ! Never mind !

To create an account for a new user, the first thing that you need to do is open the User Accounts panel. Click on the Windows menu and type “User Accounts” in the search bar and press Enter.

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E.ggTimer – Your very own online countdown clock

E.ggTimerIf you’re looking for a simple way to start a countdown to remind you of something, it can’t get simpler than Timer.

To set a timer, all you need to do is append the time that you want the countdown to last, to the URL of the website.

For example, to set a 2 minute countdown, try this Try to set a reminder for your girlfriend’s birthday, although you might not want to keep the browser running for that long :-)

In any case, E.ggtimer starts beeping as soon as the countdown finish and makes sure you never miss a task that you thought you wouldn’t remember.

Now, I’m not sure how useful Timer will be to you guys, but one thing is for sure – it is a very cool hack :-)

How to display word count in Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 Logo If you’re writing an article or a thesis where you need to keep track of the number of words written, you basically have two options to count the number of words, either count the number of lines and multiply that by the average number of words / line or use something other than Microsoft Word for the purpose.

That changed with the release of Word 2007. Microsoft Word 2007 can now count words, lines, paragraphs and even characters in your document. This tip will tell you how to enable this feature.

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