How To Remove The Noise From Your Twitter Timeline

Twitter is an amazing social network that can be a powerful tool in your arsenal if used properly. Unlike traditional social networks, that are meant for communication between real-life friends, anyone can follow anyone else on twitter and start receiving their updates in real-time.

The best part about twitter is that instead of being restricted to people in your regular social circle, you are exposed to millions of new and, potentially, interesting people who might be able to give you a new perspective on any topic that you wish to discuss. This, in my opinion, is what makes twitter so powerful.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Since you follow people who might not share all the same interests as you have, there will be times when your timeline is full of tweets you have no interest in. If you’d like to filter out such tweets from your timeline and read only the stuff you’re interested in, you’ll thank us for recommending Slipstream.

Slipstream is a free extension for Google’s Chrome web browser that lets you filter tweets using filters that you define. Slipstream installs next to the address bar on your browser like all Chrome extensions and the first time you click on it’s icon, you’ll be asked to authorize slipstream using twitter’s authentication process and to let it access your tweets.

Now, let’s say there is an event happening somewhere that you’re not interested in and everyone on your timeline is tweeting about it and you’d like to hide all tweets with a mention of the event’s hashtag. Click the slipstream icon and click on the “Hide Some Tweets” button. You can now enter the hashtag or any text that you aren’t interested in and slipstream will not display any tweets containing that tweet to you.

You can also let Slipstream hide tweets by a certain user on your timeline or by anyone on each user’s timeline that you happen to take a look at.

If you’re too lazy to actually remember and type the text that you want to block, you can just point to a tweet when you see it on the twitter web interface and click the hide button.

Clicking the hide link will bring up the Slipstream window with the text of the tweet already entered for you. You can then keep the complete text or just parts of the text that you want to filter out.

Slipstream can prove to be an extremely useful tool for someone who uses twitter mostly using the browser. The only problem that I see is that it is only available for the Google Chrome browser, but that’s not really a problem since the browser is so good, right !

Have you guys ever wished to hide some tweets from your timeline ? Did you find any other tools for this task ?

3 ways to Archive Your Tweets

Twitter LogoThere is no doubt that Twitter is an extremely valuable and powerful tool. It is not only a medium for communication, it is also at the forefront of the real-time web. In fact, some would even, arguably, claim that Twitter started the whole real-time craze.

A lot of people use Twitter to share little 140 character snippets of their daily life with their friends and family and there are others who just use Twitter to get the latest news, in real-time. And in these varied usage patterns lies the beauty of Twitter. The service by itself is so basic and simple that almost everyone who uses it has a different take on it.

But, one thing that most people would agree on is that the Twitter search service is most likely the best indicator of global trends and it is a pity that Twitter keeps an index worth only about 1.5 weeks on it’s servers ! Yes, you heard that right, 1-and-half weeks. So, if you tweet something today, 1.5 weeks later, no one will be able search for it. Yes, the Tweet will still be visible to you in your time-line but anyone who doesn’t know you, will not be able to use Twitter search to search for your tweet.

Given this limitation, it is only natural that several third party services have sprung up to fill the void and among them, here are 5 of our favorites.

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Create a playlist to suit your mood with PlayListNow

PlayListNow LogoOnline services that let the user create a playlist are dime-a-dozen on the web and most of them work the same way.

Think of an artist or a song and the service either suggests a ready-made playlist or lists songs that you can then add and make a custom playlist out of. If you like the song, pick it, or else move on to the next song on the list.

The problem with such services is that they’re all essentially asking the user to do the job. And that In the 21st century, is not acceptable !

The reason that the likes of Pandora, Spotify and are popular is because they work without any human intervention and still seem to play all the songs that the user would love.

What if there was a service that’d create a playlist for me without asking me to add songs to it ?


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Fix Twitter Retweets using a Greasemonkey script

Twitter LogoRetweets have always been one of Twitter’s most powerful features, except, that ReTweeting was never even a feature that the Twitter team developed.

Retweets using the RT (or the ‘via @user’) format were pioneered and popularized by the early adapters of the service and it is only when twitter attained a mass following did everyone else recognize the potential of retweets.

The official stance on retweeting, however, was still that they’re just a type of tweet and the twitter development team never made any moves to incorporate retweets into their web interface even as almost all third party twitter clients supported retweeting in one form or the other.

Last month the twitter team’s stance changed, though, and they launched a new ReTweet feature that is now a part of the web interface and is now officially the way ReTweets are supposed to work.

Ever since the retweet feature launched, a lot of people have been complaining about the way it has been implemented, specifically the fact that the ReTweeted tweet displays the original tweeter’s DP rather than your friend who RT’ed it.

If you’re one of those who’re annoyed by this implementation, Leonard Lin from userscripts, has a solution for you.

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How to revoke access to Twitter Applications

twitter If you, like me, are a fan of Twitter, I’m sure you try out a lot of twitter based applications. There are thousands of applications based on the Twitter API with hundreds more being launched everyday. While some of them are pretty useless, there are some gems that once you start using, are difficult to get rid off.

The usual apps, like the one I use for accessing twitter on my iPhone, only ask for my Twitter username and password and then store it on the device to communicate with Twitter on my behalf. But some applications, like the previously mentioned CoTweet, use your Twitter credentials to let you login to their site without creating an account.

Twitter’s OAuth API interface is used for this purpose and the advantage with this is that you don’t need to give the third party application your twitter login details and instead you login to Twitter directly and approve the third party app to use your data and to Tweet on your behalf.

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Announce your musical tastes on Twitter using Tunes Tweeter

Tunes Tweeter There is no denying the fact that Twitter is an extremely popular web service. In fact, Twitter is more than just a web service, It is a cultural phenomenon which is going to slowly but surely take over our lives. The service is spreading like a wild fire and the user base is growing at a breakneck speed. It is everywhere – Twitter is being discussed in the media, around the blogosphere and everywhere in between.

Most Tweeps (That’s the term used to refer to people who use twitter) use Twitter to share random quotes, funny jokes and useless poetry but some actually have good engaging conversations on it. And that is where the power of Twitter lies. The ability to let normal people have conversations, cutting across all the technical and physical barriers.

If you think about it, Twitter should have been the first application every developed by mankind because it mimics the most primitive and basic nature of humans. Talking. And socialising with like minded folks. That is what Twitter is all about and that is what makes Twitter so powerful and useful.

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Quub: A Better Take On Micro-Blogging

Picture 1 At first glance Quub may appear to be just another twitter-like service, but it’s actually much more than that. George Ruan and Dr. Donald J. Patterson created the service because they thought that existing micro-blogging services requires too much time and effort on the part of the average user, which ultimately meant that the users would update the status rarely or give up on the service. Instead of participating in the community, most users would become a mere observer. And I can tell you from my own experience that that is the case.


Coming up with a status message that provides value to your followers, something I always try to keep in mind, is not a trivial problem. Except maybe retweeting news, I gave up on tweeting. But then again, even with my very small follower count, my followers are not my actual friends interested in what I’m up to – they’re geeks looking  for useful information.

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CoTweet helps companies use twitter efficiently

CoTweetTwitter is a great business tool and many companies have just started to realize the benefits of using twitter to connect with their user base. The only problem with using for business is that the service, by default, doesn’t really caters to businesses very well. Sure, you can have conversations with prospective clients and listen to grievances of existing ones but that’s about it.

CoTweet is a new startup that is stepping in to fill exactly this void that Twitter had left wide open. It provides an alternative and much more powerful interface to twitter.

CoTweet lets you manage multiple twitter accounts with ease as well as lets upto 6 people share a single account. Tweets from all the 6 employees can be tagged with different “CoTags” making tracking quite easy.


You can also schedule tweets, which is something Twitter doesn’t provide at all.


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Twitterific 2.0 for iPhone


Twitterrific for iPhone just updated to version 2.0 (iTunes Link) and I’m already in love with it. I’ve been a long time twitterrific user but that was mostly because of two reasons. The first reason was that it was free (with advertisements) and the second reason was that I liked the clean interface more than the other free twitter clients available for the iPhone.

Twitterrfic in it’s earlier version was not a tool for power users, though, and as I started to *get* twitter more and more, I started missing the features I wanted to use in twitterrific, and was even toying with the idea of purchasing a better and more powerful twitter client.

That  changed with the launch of twitterrific 2.0 recently and from what I’ve seen till now, it is an absolute delight to use. I don’t think I need to leave twitterific anytime soon. This post is a walk through of the major features that Twitterrific 2.0 brings to the table.

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Sample the best of twitter with WeFollow

WeFollowTwitter can either be an amazing tool or an absolute waste of time, depending on the people that you follow. Follow the right ones and you will have the right information at the right time and follow the wrong ones and you will lag behind your peers by a mile !

When a new user joins, Twitter gives a nice list of suggested people that everyone should be following. The list contains some of Twitter’s heaviest users and (for obvious reasons) the most followed people. I haven’t been able to figure out how are those users selected and what parameters does Twitter take into account before recommending them to a new user, but I think I’ve found just the service to help me find interesting people to follow.

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