Windows 101: Remove a user account in Windows 7

Windows 7So, you followed our previous post from the Windows 101 series and created an account for yourself and another user on your Windows 7 machine.

I talked about how easy it was to add a new user account to your shiny new Windows 7 install and you followed the instructions in that post, added a new account for your friend and he even used it for a couple of days. So, what do you do with a user account when you don’t need it anymore ? Keep it around for eternity ?

In today’s Windows 101 post we take a look at how to delete a user account and save the user’s data.

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Find out if your computer can run Windows 7

windows 7Windows 7 is the flavour of the season, it seems. Microsoft’s latest OS has been creating quite a buzz around the blogosphere and if initial reports are to be believed, it just might be the OS to finally dislodge Win XP. 

The requirements for running Windows 7 aren’t too hefty given the beefy hardware that most of us own these days, but if you’re still concerned about compatibility issues and wondering if your work horse would be able to run Windows 7 or not, Microsoft has you covered.

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