The Carrier IQ Saga So Far

It all started with a young security researcher finding out that his android phone was sending out sensitive data out to a third party. It turned out that a small utility installed on his phone was intercepting EVERYTHING on the phone and sending it out to a company called Carrier IQ.

The researcher broke this news on his blog and all hell broke loose !

All the major cell phone manufacturers and carriers scrambled to announce via press releases how Carrier IQ’s software is really harmless and is only installed for ‘diagnostic’ purposes. The company Carrier IQ also issued a press release how this whole thing was a non-issue and blamed everything back on the manufacturers and carriers.

I’m still surprised how this even managed to stay under the radar for this long. I live a big part of my life online to really worry about privacy, but this is HUGE. My phone which forms a big part of my life is sending data about me to a third party company without my permission.

Even if the data being sent is insignificant, I still think this is a pretty big deal. The US govt has launched an investigation against the company while major carriers such as sprint have announced that they’re ‘disabling’ Carrier IQ on their phones. Yes, disabling, Not removing.

Anyone remember the Location Gate saga? And the mainstream press’s reaction when that news broke?  I don’t understand why this is not being played up as much as it should be.

I understand that Apple is an easy target and well, any news and negative news, even more so, about Apple sells but why treat them on a different pedestal subject to a different level of scrutiny.

If you’re really worried about privacy, don’t carry a cellphone. Even if you carry a regular feature phone, the carrier ALWAYS knows your location and where you’ve been. The carriers need this information to serve you. Of course, they don’t need to read your texts to your loved ones or details about each and every call that you’ve made but that is for the investigating agencies to find out.

2 thoughts on “The Carrier IQ Saga So Far

  1. I agree this seems to have been kept well under the radar on mainstream media, certainly outside of the US anyway.

    Either they’re running scared of offending the big mobile companies or don’t deem it newsworthy because there’s no particular villain to have a go at – they’re all at it.

    Doesn’t surprise me, most large corporations only pay lip service to privacy anyway…

    1. Yes, I agree most corporation especially in this Internet age only pay lip service to privacy, but atleast the major media and the public at large should have caught this one. It needs to be blown up.

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