Top 5 Sites To Watch Movies And Documentaries Online For Free

If one goes by the available statistics alone, TV viewership is declining across the world, especially in countries where fast and reliable Internet is available and cheap enough for everyone to afford. While that does spell doom for TV companies, trends also reveal that movie and documentary film makers are doing alright and in-fact, viewership seems to be increasing for them with the only difference being that most viewers these days prefer to get their fix at home instead of at the movie theaters.

For all you cord cutters out there, we have compiled of a list of the Top 5 sites to view movies and documentaries online for free. Read on for the full list.


Vimeo is, in my opinion, YouTube’s cooler bro. While YouTube is known for silly and/or fun videos, Vimeo is for the serious artists and film makers. Start by exploring the various categories and you will be surprised by the excellent content they have on offer.

BBC Film Network

The BBC is very rightly known for excellent programming but did you know that a section of their website is dedicated to promoting documentaries and shorts (short films) from independent up and coming British film makers. The collection is really quite good. Just browse on a lazy Sunday afternoon and you are sure to catch something of your interest.

The Internet Archive

This list would have been incomplete with a link from the Internet Archive. Their goal is to have a copy of the Internet, for keep sakes, you know. And that means that they have an excellent movies section too. Head over to their movies archive, which is very well organised, if I may add and have fun.

Classic Cinema Online

If you’re a Classic movies buff, look no further than Classic Cinema Online. Whatever your preferred genre, they’ll have something for your interest.

YouTube Movies

Forget what I said about YouTube’s silly pet videos. Over the last couple of years, the YouTube team has been hard at work building a formidable collection of documentaries, movies and TV serials, all in full HD glory, so that, well, if you’re bored of all the pet videos there is something more interesting for you to watch.

These were just some of the places you can head to and find some nice movies to watch for free. Of course, there are sites such as Hulu and the like that don’t work outside the US, but if you really want you can watch movies on Hulu from anywhere in the world, so that’s one more excellent resource to add to the list.

Are you a cord cutter ? Do you like to watch movies and documentaries online ?