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Before I got the iPhone, I used to own a Nokia E50 that I was (at the time) absolutely in love with. It was the first phone I owned that could play real MP3 files without the need to convert them to some esoteric light weight format.

The E50 could also use MP3 files as ringtones and that was arguably my favorite feature. Taking an MP3 and trimming it precisely to get just the coolest part of the song was something I used to spend a lot of time at – Not because the process took time, but because for this process I had to use an Audio processing software and, I’ll be the first to confess, I’m not good at those. I chose Audacity for the purpose which seemed to be the easiest to use, but even that had a problem. I had to be on my desktop to use it.

Now, after all these years, the cloud has finally come to my rescue. Today, I came across a cool little web application called Cut Mp3 that lets the user upload an audio file and cut portions of it using an interface that is so simple that even your grandma can understand !

To trim an MP3 of your choice, you must first upload the MP3 by clicking on the Open MP3 button. Select the file that you want to trim and depending on your internet speed, you’ll be presented with a screen similar to the one below.

Cut MP3 - Upload Song

You can listen to the audio by clicking the Play button and find the exact spot that you want to trim file from.

Once you’ve found the part from where you want the trim to start, bring the Start Slider to that position and then play on to find the part where you want the music to end. Bring the Stop Slider to that position.

You’ll see the size of the split’ted file and the exact positions in the box below the sliders. Press Cut to let Cut MP3 do it’s magic. Save the resulting file on your desktop and you’re good to go.

Cut MP3 is free to use and doesn’t even require you to register.

Cut MP3 is an easy to use website that provides a pretty useful service. Give the site a try and let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Trim your MP3 files online for Free

  1. You mentioned that ‘being on the desktop’ for working on audacity was a hindrance. You didn’t mention in contrast if Cut MP3 has a mobile interface. Screenshots from that’d help. If they have a mobile app. If you meant you gotta be on your own desktop as in machine, then I’d mention Audacity portable. Also I think if the service had a storage or could transload MP3’s from URL’s directly (like google docs shows PDF from url directly) then it’d somewhat overcome the hindrance of being stuck to your desktop.

    Like your writing style. Learning a bit from it.

    1. No, Cut MP3 doesn’t have a mobile interface but atleast I’m not stuck to MY desktop and can use it from anywhere. And thanks for pointing out Audacity Portable. I didn’t know about the portable version of Audacity. That’d make things a little easy.

      Thanks for the compliment, btw :-)

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