Use Windows Notepad as your electronic diary

Who knew the humble Windows Notepad was capable of anything other than, well, taking text only notes.

If you’re searching for a simple application to write a diary or take daily notes, look no further than Notepad. So, what’s new you ask ?

Well, with this tip you can make notepad automatically add the current day and time to a document as soon as you open it and save you the headache of doing so yourself.

To accomplish this:

  1. Open Notepad (START->Run->notepad.exe)
  2. Type “.LOG” on the first line of the new document.
  3. Save the file and close Notepad.

Now when you open the same file again, you’ll see that Notepad would have added the current Date and time to the document automatically.


Write your entry for the day and close the file. Everytime you open the file, Notepad will add the current timestamp on a new line saving you the effort to do the same.

22 thoughts on “Use Windows Notepad as your electronic diary

  1. [quote]Are there any more such keywords you can use to make notepad do other stuff?[/quote]
    Try typing “Start” without the quotes on the first line of the documents and saving the file as Start.log

    This will give you a C:\ prompt whenever you double click on it. I find this very useful whenever the C:\ prompt has been disabled and you need one quick.

    1. Patrick,
      Yes, I know this is an old post, but, to answer your question, if you just click on the Edit menu in notepad, you’ll see Time/Date F5 (at least on some versions of Windows/notepad). is an online notepad with auto-datetime functionality if you need that sort of thing.

  2. heh… read about this back in the 90s in a tips & tricks section of some pc magazine….. PC World or PC Magazine :P. Nice to know its still found useful. Many notepad-clones also duplicate this behavior (metapad for certain)

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