Windows 101: Remove a user account in Windows 7

Windows 7So, you followed our previous post from the Windows 101 series and created an account for yourself and another user on your Windows 7 machine.

I talked about how easy it was to add a new user account to your shiny new Windows 7 install and you followed the instructions in that post, added a new account for your friend and he even used it for a couple of days. So, what do you do with a user account when you don’t need it anymore ? Keep it around for eternity ?

In today’s Windows 101 post we take a look at how to delete a user account and save the user’s data.

Open the User Account Manager

Click the Start Menu and type user accounts in the Start search bar and press Enter.

Windows 7 - User Accounts

Click on Manage another account.

Windows 7 - Manage another account

Select the account that you want to delete.

Windows 7 - Select account

Click on Delete the account.

Windows 7 - Delete the account

Save the user’s Data and Delete the account

This is where Windows asks you if you want to save the user’s data or just delete it along with the user’s account. Click Keep Files if you want to save the data or else click Delete Files.

Windows 7

If you choose the Keep Files option, Windows will create a folder on your Desktop named after the account that you’re deleting and copy the user’s data in that folder.

Windows 7 - Backup folder

Congratulations ! You’ve just deleted the user account that you no longer needed and also saved the user’s data.

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4 thoughts on “Windows 101: Remove a user account in Windows 7

  1. how i can undele user profile which i have deleted before , my 90 gb data was lost
    can i get it back pls advise me soon now

      1. any other way ?? to get back user profile and data , as im working on network , and i need to use pc user account as local user account deleted
        thanks for your responce

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